14 April 2008

Family Vacation 2008 - Seuss Landing

One thing you should know about me is that I really am easily amused. Bright colors, things that are really little, things that are cute can all hold my attention. And that's precisely why I had so much fun on the Island of Adventure, which is the sister park to Universal Studios.

We didn't go to the park right away once I got there. We were staying at an Extended Stay America (which I hereby recommend) and we needed some groceries. We stopped at a Target for a few things (but if you've ever stopped into a Target you know how long that can take) and didn't go too the park until after 2. Once we got there, my dad would not let me buy a ticket.

He and Ty had five day passes. My dad bought them over the phone before he even got to Florida and they were either $86 or $65. Or it was $86 for an adult and $65 for a child. Either way, at the ticket window the price was significantly higher. A two day pass was $129 and my dad balked. So I called the number he called and got a 5 day pass for $86. But the woman told me it would be two hours before I could pick up my ticket. You try telling a seven year old at the gates of an amusement park that he has to wait to go inside. I tried to explain the economy and the value of a dollar and the savings and how unfair it was to charge different prices. Ty was not amused.

We didn't sit out there for two hours. I was able to get my ticket is about 20 minutes. It might have even been ready right away. Take that Universal Studios. I beat your corrupt system.

The admission gets you into both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. Our first stop was the Island of Adventure, namely Seuss Landing, and all things affiliated with Dr. Seuss.

It might be easy (especially if you're my dad) to scoff at the fact that my very first stop on my cross-country vacation was The Cat In The Hat. Scoff all you like, scoffers. It was fantastic. The best part about places built for children is that they don't hold back on the bright or on the silly. Pictures from the books came to life. The staff wore costumes and spoke in rhymes -- it really was merriment at its best.

I fully admit this was my favorite themed area on both properties. But we didn't stay there long. We had a lot of park to cover.

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  1. you shoulda got some media passes...then you pay nothing!