20 April 2008

Every six months, I get to check in with two of my friends from college, Jason & Nora. He works for ESPN, following the NHRA. The hot rods come here every six months and so do they. We've been meeting up for drinks and more drinks bi-annually since 2005. I think that makes it a tradition. But I also think we're getting on in years.

This time around we went Blush at Wynn Las Vegas for an hosted bar. We sat and caught up -- like honest to goodness adults. And that was it. Two hours later, I was off to Lucy's party at Stoney's. The last time Jay & Nora came, her sister was in a booty shaking contest, and Nora and I ended up walking out of gentleman's club sometime after four in the morning. I guess we've grown in the last six months.

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