05 March 2008

The Week On A Page

I do have things to report, and I am ready to report them. However, Cox Communications is playing games with my emotions, via my Internet service. I'm calling then as I type, so rest assured this will be resolved.
The first thing on my mind is that Patrick Swayze has cancer. The Associated Press says he has pancreatic cancer, but that he can still work and will continue his schedule. However, media in Australia are reporting Swayze has five weeks to live. Swayze's publicist said those reports were exaggerated. We'll see in five weeks.
Cox says they can't send a technician because my modem has no "history." Cox says everything appears to be working fine. Cox also said I could visit them online if I had any questions. I told Cox I could not visit them online -- because I can't get on the Internet. I have to call them from home and waste my daytime minutes.
It's be a very busy week for me. I've been going to the gym before kick boxing. Not sure if there has been any progress on the scale, because I am afraid to look. If the numbers are the same, I fear a plummet into depression.
I've heard from Jesse, but there haven't been any pictures or detailed e-mails. He says he's stopped writing in his journal and started reading on the beach. I reminded him he has a responsibility to the rest of us here in the states. We'll see what that gets me. Today he's going from Hat Ton Sai to Ko Phi Phi. When this is all over (19 days) I will be an expert in Thai geography.
I met Grand Master Toddy this week. He's the namesake of my Muay Thai school, but was apparently in Thailand until this week. Not sure if he and Jesse crossed paths. Master Toddy opened a school in Bangkok and apparently already has one in London. Master Toddy is a franchise. He's an impressive man. If I ever stop sparring to take pictures, I'll show you.

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