12 March 2008

Stand By Your Man? It Depends.

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned Wednesday. He gave a speech, saying "People regardless of their position or power take responsibility for their conduct. I can and will ask no less of myself." If you've been under a rock (or underwater off Ko Phi Phi), Spitzer has been using the services of high priced hookers. The FBI says he spent up to $80,000 on call girls from the Emporers Club VIP Escort Service. The cat was out of the bag on Monday. Spitzer his in his apartment all day Tuesday. He resigned Wednesday. Scandalous, yet slightly boring. My interest is in his wife.
Silda Wall Spitzer was there with her cheating husband when he spoke to the media Monday. She was there again Wednesday and for the life if me I don't understand why. Let's assume she did not notice her husband spent $80,000 of their money and let's assume he did not give her a sexually transmitted disease. He cheated. He cheated and the entire world knows. Silda: now is not the time to stand by your man.

There are instances when couples need to stick together. Support is important for career choices, large purchases, six week trips to Thailand, and the like. I mean I know I could count on Jesse to help me hide a body if things really went pear-shaped, and vice versa. But there is a very clear line -- somewhere before cheating and public humiliation.

Imagine finding out your significant other is "client number 9," and that he's spent $80,000 of our money on hookers. Now imagine hearing it from the FBI, or from him as the FBI is knocking at your door. Imagine the entire country takes time to notice your marriage is a sham. How could you then imagine standing by his side? Unless it's to push him off a cliff. Maybe Silda has something tucked into her colorful little neck scarf after all. Time will tell.

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