30 March 2008

Life With Jesse - Resumed

Jesse's back and things are not the same. He's different. I'm different. So things are different. However, different is good - and makes everything interesting.

Monday 24 March

Jesse got home late Monday night. I went to pick him up while Lucy made chocolate chip cookie bars. I tried to meet Jesse inside right before baggage claim. I was there (or somewhere) with camera in hand. But somehow he slipped out behind me. He waited for me on the walkway to short term parking and I almost passed him. He looked liked a scruffier - more homeless - Jesse than the one I sent to Thailand.

He hadn't shaved in weeks. Unfortunately that did not mean he had grown a complete mustache and / or beard. There was just scruff. He did get a nice tan and he did lose about 20 pounds. He had also been wearing (and sweating in) the same clothes for about 30 hours. Jesse was less than fresh and still I was all giggles to see, touch, and even smell my long lost boyfriend.

Back at home, something had gone horribly wrong with the cookie bars. I'm not sure what. I just know they didn't smell or taste right. Jesse tried to eat them (he really wanted to like them) but he couldn't do it. He moved on to ham & cheese and then it was time for presents.

Lucy got some tops to go over swimsuits and some pharmacy - grade sunglasses with "D & G" sketched on the side. I got new Muay Thai shorts, a bracelet, a head wrap, and a couple of little head scarves. Jesse was disappointed we still hadn't received postcards but overall it was a good haul.

Tuesday & Wednesday
25 & 26 March

I had planned to take Tuesday off so I could hang out with Jesse, but he swore he would be sleeping all day. So I maintained my new routine. After Muay Thai on Tuesday, the three of us went to Claim Jumper for dinner. After Muay Thai on Wednesday, the two of us stayed at the Wynn.

I've said it time and time again and I'll keep saying it: the Wynn is fantastic. It's just the ultimate in hospitality. And if you play poker there for six hours, you get more than 50% off a room for the night. The plan was for us to grab dinner from Maggianos across the street. But we did not account for the extreme laziness that comes from extreme comfort.

We ended up staying in, putting on the robes, and ordering room service. Yes. You could definitely say we were living the dream. It was perfect. I was asleep by 11. And I woke up Thursday refreshed and ready to start a four day weekend.

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