19 March 2008

It's A Good Thing I Like Lemonade

I've been handed a lot of lemons lately. And I have made delicious lemonade.

Lemon: I woke up sick Saturday morning. I survived the work week dodging coughs and washing hands. I had some sneezes and a few sniffles, but I persevered. Until I woke up stuffed, clogged, and coughing.
Lemonade: I found discovered Halls Strawberry Cough Drops, and Puffs with Vicks. Those are two of the best products ever and I highly recommend them.

Lemon: I worked six days last week, including two overnight shifts.
Lemonade: I had crepes from Blueberry Hill after my Sunday morning show.

Lemon: I was so loopy Sunday night, I burned myself making popcorn. No, I did not run cold water on it. It barely showed up and it didn't really hurt -- at first. I woke up Monday with two lines of blisters.
Lemonade: I like watching skin heal.

Lemon: I was asked (and agreed) to stay late at work Monday afternoon, which meant I did not get to go to the gym before Muay Thai. I've made that a bit of a routine, so I was disappointed not to start with that on a Monday.
Lemonade: More overtime.

Lemon: I couldn't go to the gym before Muay Thai on Tuesday because I had to go to the doctor. I needed a refill on a prescription and to get blood test results. My doctor loves to send me to get blood tests. Something about keeping an eye on me. She also refuses to give me a year-long prescription, so I have to come see her every three months. It's actually quite devious.
Lemonade: My heart shrank. You may or may not know it had been enlarged.

Lemon: I told my doctor I was getting over a cold. She peeked inside my ear and said "No. You're starting a sinus infection."
Lemonade: She gave me two prescriptions, acknowledging that if I did get really sick, I still would not come see her.

I could continue: Wells Fargo canceled my debit card because I reported something questionable. That's good, but the bank did not give me time to withdraw any money. I had gas, groceries, and pills to buy.

But today went well. I got to go to the gym, pick up my prescription in between that and Muay Thai, and I have strawberries and grapes to eat. Life is good.

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