22 March 2008

Enough About Me?

Jesse comes home Monday night. As a result, he was much of the focus of today. Lucy and I went grocery shopping for the things Jesse will want to eat as soon as he gets home. Our grocery list included (but was not limited to) ham, cheese, milk, and chocolate chips. Once we got home, I checked up on his health insurance options and finished filing his taxes. I also laid out wax paper in his peanut butter toast spot. He doesn't use a plate and it's just easier to clean up that way. Somewhere along today's checklist I marveled at the transition from me, to he. It was almost too easy, and got me thinking.

I've done very little for Jesse in the last five weeks. In that same time, I've written more, spent more time with my friends, and established a whole new work out routine. I've been lonely, I've been bored, but overall, I've been content. I expect to make the leap to "happy" once Jesse's back. I'm not sure how's he's going to fit into my schedule though, since I have to work and I refuse to change my work out routine. Jesse also has a plan. I don't get to hear it until he's back. Hopefully we march to the beat of the same drummer. Otherwise there will be a ruckus.

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