24 February 2008

Seriously: What Do You Do When...

This is our kitchen sink. It usually has a faucet. Today is obviously a different day.

There I was, washing my grapes, when the water pressure just pushed the faucet away from the rest of the sink. I turned the water off immediately, but turned it back on so you could kind of be in the moment with me.

The faucet fell into the sink. I tried to place it, push it, and twist it back into place. Apparently I underestimate our water pressure. It's kaput. My mother advised me to turn off the water under the sink. I told her that clearly sounded like the job of a boyfriend or a maintenance person. I have neither with me at the moment. So it will stay until tomorrow. I mean I could do it. But whether I turn off the water or not, I can't use the faucet. So it can wait. I don't need a sink to watch the Oscars and eat popcorn.

Also of note tonight: the largest grape of my life. I love grapes, in a mildly unhealthy way. Yes. I will eat them until (and after) I am sick to my stomach. I do not ever recall seeing a grape this big. I thought it was worth sharing, and eating.

1 comment:

  1. omg...i didn't know that happened. i just thought you finally got around to calling them about the dishwasher issue i sent you one MONDAY morning. i do believe you remember the request:) anyways i will get more details later when i see you at home.

    ps...i hate washing dishes and really think you should have the dishwasher replaced...FYI... and i don't think jesse likes to wash dishes by hand either. who knows maybe he's changed and he'll be a dishwashing fool!