24 February 2008

Pictures From Thailand

Jesse & Jay have been gone for almost two weeks. They have sent back eight (8) pictures. I can take more pictures than that driving home from work. I'll give them some credit though, they did pose with tigers.

They went to the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, where Buddhist Monks are supposedly caring of them. The tourism website says the tigers walk around and are led to tourists, who then take pictures of them. This is a picture from the website. It appears as though the people can't get too close, and Jesse got much closer. But it also looks like the tigers can walk. Jesse's account was slightly different:

T.T. stands for Tiger Temple. It also stands for tourist trap. It's a buddhist temple that started housing orphan tigers cubs. 300 Baht / 10 dollar admission. STEEP! 1000 Baht / 30 dollars for a special photo with the tiger. WOW! These are more like Vegas prices. Considering the amount of visitors coming in, this should be very lucrative. I didn't see any of the monks wearing Rolex's but their Orange Robes very well may have been Armani.
They would like everyone to think that the peace of the monks and Buddhist happy magic keeps the tigers so docile but I would say it's more medication. These tigers were drugged. I've seen cats lounge around in a hot day and not move much but these tigers' had limp heads. So during my special photo, they sat me down, picked up the Tigers head and placed in my lap. Then they take your camera and shoot a bunch of pictures with it. The tiger was breathing heavily and I got to pet it. It was very cool and very unforgettable. But I still felt bad for the Tiger's condition, they looked like Lucy any given Saturday morning on the couch snoring after a booze and burrito binge.

There was another area that we stopped at for free where you could pet tiger cubs. That was cool as well.
And as for the pictures, There's a link to all eight on the right. But this one is my favorite. I like it because even though that tiger is not interested in Jesse, he looks scared. And a little chubby. I love it.

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