27 February 2008

My First Fight

I went to my first Muay Thai fight Saturday. There were 28 fights scheduled, beginning at 4:30. The fighters were all at Master Toddy's, which is where I train. Eight or nine of my fellow students were fighting, including one of my sparring partners. She actually won her fight. I was impressed, because she couldn't even show me how to wrap my hands last week. That has nothing to do with fighting, but still.

The fights started right on time, and all of the bouts were sanctioned by the Nevada Athletic Commission. Everything was authentic. There was an announcer. There were ring girls. There were judges. There was a lot of duct tape, sweat, and body odor. Ladies & gentlemen, we had fights.

Between the fighters, their entourages, their friends, families, and people like me who just wanted to see, there were at least 452 people there. The fighters were not all from Las Vegas, and all of the Las Vegas fighters were out of my gym. There were fighters from Delaware, Florida, Texas, California, and other places. There were students from at least two other training facilities here in Las Vegas. One of those facilities was Hyena Muay Thai / Xyience Training Center. It's a mega gym that teaches Mixed Martial Arts and apparently a lot of tradition. Every one of their fighters came out in what I can only assume to be traditional Muay Thai gear, and they did what I can only assume to be a traditional Muay Thai blessing. I recorded it just for you.

All of their fighters did deliver though. There were a lot of good fights. Overall I think the girls put on better shows than the guys. I guess girls are angrier. I learned a lot just by watching. For instance, cardio is key. A lot of fighters came out kicking and swinging -- for thirty seconds. They then had to rely on the ropes or hope their opponents were just as tired as they were. A fight can be won by keeping control of your breath.

The next fight is in April. I won't be on the card, but I promise to bring Jesse, Kate, and all my single girl friends. Fighters can make good eye-candy.

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