05 February 2008

Let's Not Call It A Bender...

I had what we'll call an "extremely socially active" weekend. It started Thursday, with a party.

Parties, by the way, have changed since I was a little kid. The first party I really remember was my brother's 2nd birthday party. He wore a red (corduroy?) sweat suit. There were aunts. There were cousins. There were presents. There were pictures. There were no women covered in body paint. That's something that's exclusively Vegas.

A friend of mine took a bunch of us to a party at Planet Hollywood on Thursday. It was a great networking event but the highlight (of course) were the free foods & spirits. There was a potato martini bar, where you get a scoop of spuds and can add all kinds of toppings. There artichoke poppers, which were not at all healthy but incredibly delicious. There were meats on sticks and supposedly chicken. But I got full before I got that far. No chocolate covered strawberries for this girl.

I don't usually go out on Thursdays. And lately, my friends and I haven't gone out that much at all. I think we're just recovering from Thanksgiving and Christmas and traveling and buying. It was great to get out, have a bite, have a drink, and hear some Zowie Bowie. Plus, I was still in bed by ten.

On Friday, Lucy and I went to happy hour at Maggiano's. Lucy is off on Fridays, and we have yet to fully take advantage of it. But we started with some fried cheese and garlic bread. One day we'll turn that into a real "event."

On Saturday a friend of mine had a girls' night. We ate and gossiped. It's amazing what can be pieced together when everyone knows a little something. Also amazing: some things just don't change. If you swap out some names, girls' night 2008 could be the same as it was in college, or even high school. Basically, if you weren't there, you'll never know.

Of course Sunday was dedicated to the Giants. My mom could not get us into the Superbowl - something about background checks being completed in November. She did call from the stadium though and I could feel the excitement through the phone. I never doubted the Giants, and I've never liked the Patriots. Jesse and I, along with Melissa, watched the game at Kate & Ross' house. My favorite commercials were "follow your heart" from career builder, and the "trading baby" from e-trade. Neither are for the squeamish.

I spent Monday being thrown back into responsibility. Clothes needed to be washed, and groceries needed to be bought. I am preparing (after all) for my boyfriend to leave me.

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