14 February 2008

It's The Little Things

Jesse has arrived in Bangkok. He sent an email this morning at 10:37 Las Vegas time. It was 81 degrees there.

I took Jesse to the airport Tuesday night. He flew to Los Angeles to meet up with Jay and they left Wednesday afternoon, on China Airlines Flight 5. It's now Thursday, and it's been a long three days.

On Tuesday, I tried not to think more than five minutes ahead. I went to work. I had lunch. I worked some more. I went home. Jesse had a mess on the couch. Jesse rolled the mess up into two little bags. Jesse asked me to squeeze sunscreen into 3 ounce bottles. Lucy came home. I took some pictures. Jesse & I went for a drive...

But soon he was five minutes from being gone. And all I could think to do was nag.

I asked him if he'd remembered to pack everything I knew he had already packed. I raised every safety concern and gave every warning I could imagine. If Jesse listens to me, he won't eat any beef, chicken, or eggs. He won't talk to strangers or jump off of anything too high or go on any adventures without a proper English-speaking tour guide. Yes. I warned him against all possible fun. Fortunately he won't listen. Hopefully he'll play it a little safe.

After dropped Jesse off, I stopped to get gas and Lucy and I watched TV. Nothing abnormal or sad there. But I woke up looking for him, and I checked my phone out of habit. If Jesse's out late, he sends me a text because - if you haven't noticed - I worry.

I went through Wednesday making a lot of plans. I figure pushing myself to exhaustion will keep me from waking up in the middle of the night. I talked to Jesse right before he boarded. I was a little sad, but almost equally excited. I pouted, but didn't cry. And my friends helped keep me moving along.

After work, I started one of the things on my list: Muay Thai lessons. I'm joining a fighting academy and could be ready for the octagon is another year or two. I met with a Master and for an hour he let me kick and punch him. It was awesome. First I was scared to hit him. I don't go around hitting strangers. Then he taught me how to add power to my hits and it was extremely empowering. I got a good workout, learned some new tricks, and left feeling accomplished. I'll let you know if I'm about to change careers and become a cage-fighter.

Then I checked the mail and saw a card from Jesse's parents. I welled up, thinking he missed it. I know. I'm so dramatic. I took pictures of the card and I'm going to email them. So he'll get the card just a little bit after I did.

I think I'm going to find a lot of little things that make me miss Jesse. But I'll be too busy to be sad. We had a little event at work for Valentine's Day, so that made the day go by quickly. Also, I went back to Muay Thai today. I'm exhausted.


  1. How sweet must that be.

  2. so jesse finally told his parents?? what did they say about his adventure?
    heather v.

  3. I love that you are dramatic, so am I ... we have a lot in common.