20 February 2008

Busy, Busy Me II... And Jesse

You might have already forgotten, but this past weekend lasted three days for a lot of people. I was not one of them. In fact, I only had one day off from work.

I worked Sunday, to fulfill the trade that allowed me to snowboard with Jesse. Working a weekend has its pros and cons. There are fewer people to deal with, so it's easier to focus. But there are also fewer resources, so you have to use them wisely. And in my case, it was the start of a six day work week. Boo.

After work, I met Mike, Tab, & the IC group for dinner. They were staying at the Rio, so we decided to eat at the Rio. They chose McFadden's, which is billed as the "wildest Irish pub on earth." Not only did we wait nearly an hour to be seated, the table at which we sat had been empty and visible the entire time we were waiting. In the bar, there were two pianos. At those pianos were two piano players who apparently did not know a single Irish song. We made requests. They were denied. Instead, people walking into the "wildest Irish pub on earth" were lured in with songs by Journey, Lionel Ritchie, and Otis Reading. Wild? No, not at all.

The food was also less than stellar. The Las Vegas McFadden's is apparently new and I do not see it lasting very long. I know I refuse to go back and I refuse to let you make the same mistake.

Monday was a holiday, if you don't work in retail or news. It was business as usual for me all day, until I went to kick boxing. My Muay Thai Academy was closed. I didn't even think to call. The business isn't owned by an American, why would it be closed for Presidents' Day? Logically, it made sense. I came home from work, changed into my uniform, and went. I was back home less than a half hour later, in need of a new plan. I ended up fighting rush hour traffic to get to the mall, only to get a text from Jesse, saying he was online and ready to chat. Harrumph.

We did get to chat that night, and he sent a detailed email about his trip so far.

Everything I read about taxis from the BKK airport said to use the public taxi line. Those cab drivers are certified by the city and have been employed 5+ years by the cab company. On our way to the public taxi stand you are bombarded by the private taxis. "Hello, Where are you going!" or "Taxi, Anywhere, Cheap!" We dodged them and finally made it to the taxi line. They have an english speaking dispatch person who writes on a ticket where you want to go. It took us 30 minutes to get to the station and cost about 15 dollars. There was hardly any traffic that time of night. We were trying to ask the cab driver if the station was open and gave up after 20 minutes of phone calls to his friends. We browsed the market next to the Train station It was around 3:30AM. Hundreds of people were working at their stands preparing food, cutting their fish, grinding their coconuts, and what not.

There was security at the station. We hung out their for about two hours and practiced some Thai phrases. Jay was thumbing through is book and starting laughing out loud. He then points to two phases in his guidebook and I read them out loud.

It helps if you have a sense of humour.

Nevermind, I will do it myself.

I didn't think it was all that funny and gave it back to him. He then pointed to the sidebar on the book. The phrases were located in Category 'Romance', subcategory 'Sex'.

Jesse and Jay are now on the island of Ko Phangan. I hear if you Google "ko mah," you'll see the view from their Internet cafe. Ko Mah is attached to Ko Phangan by a sandbar. I'm not sure how they get across, but Jesse did tell me he lost my superior and most comfortable flip flops. So maybe they walk.

And thus concluded my "holiday" weekend. There was a lot of fun, a lot of food, a lot of friends, and I got to talk to Jesse. It was almost like Christmas.

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