01 January 2008

Welcome To My 2008

It feels good to be back.

I was on a blogging sabbatical born of laziness in the face of adversity, but I've decided to get over it. I was reluctant to write without pictures. And once I got a new camera, I was reluctant to post events out of order. Once I had the pictures and the events, I was reluctant to sit down and take the time to do what I felt needed to be done. I was also reluctant to paraphrase because I think every story deserves the same amount of detail. But for all the the things I don't like to do, I refuse to start a new year with unfinished tasks. That brought me a new problem: how do I minimize two and a half months without trivializing what we did?

The answer -- I have just decided -- is to just write it out. So let's get to it.

October 11 - October 13

Ryan & Kelsee came to visit from Fargo. The night they arrived, we walked around the strip until Kelsee and I gave the boys the green light to go play poker. We watched ER and went to bed.

The next day, we ate and slept while Jesse went to work. That night we walked through downtown Las Vegas, saw the sharks at the Golden Nugget, and ended up watching Karaoke at Ellis Island.

I don't remember what we did the following day, but I'm sure it was fun.
We are moving right along aren't we?
October 26

Nora & Jason were back here with the NHRA. The hot rods come here every six months and every 6 months, we paint the town. On that Friday, we went to the Heart Bar at Planet Hollywood, the Carnival Court at Harrah's, and to a "gentleman's club" -- where the cab driver paid my $30 cover (I certainly wasn't going to pay it) and gave me $75 in drink coupons. I guess that' how they get girls to go to clubs for "gentlemen." It worked for this girl.

Nothing exciting for nearly a month, and then Thanksgiving.
November 21 - November 26

We spent Thanksgiving in Devils Lake, North Dakota We flew into Fargo on a Wednesday, shut the town down, and left on the first train heading west. It's sounds a lot more accomplished than it was. In Devils Lake, we ate like kings and queens -- and greedy little pigs. I bought a new camera on Black Friday even though I didn't want to be out shopping. I met Jesse's father's parents and we all went out to the farm. There, I not only sat in a tractor, I learned what's what in a seeder. Exciting.

We stayed out west for four days before going back to Fargo. We stayed with Ryan and made his front door revolve with all the visitors we had. I had to exchange the new camera because of a circle that appeared in almost all of the pictures. Disappointing, but the new camera works just fine. I got to stop at my old job and see the friendly faces. I even got to see a quick blizzard, before we flew back to the desert. Thanksgiving was fantastic.
Don't stop reading now -- we're already in December.
December 2

My friend Kate and I (along with dozens of other people) volunteered at the Las Vegas Marathon. We handed out water to the runners, walkers, and cyclists. It was cold; we were out before the sun and even when it rose, it was hidden behind tall buildings. Even though there were a bunch of people there, as far as I'm concerned, it was an event for me and Kate to enjoy. And we had a fantastic time.
December 8

Two friends of mine decided to have their own Christmas party, ahead of the really busy part of the season. We watched the Mayweather - Hatton fight and Kate's fiance Ross and I made up a game while not playing the Friends trivia nonsense that had captivated most people. It was a relaxing way to start the holiday season.
Then it was Christmastime.
December 15

My company Christmas party was December 15th, and as a member of the Booster Team, I think it was a success. A lot of people (Jesse & Lizbeth) complained that it was boring. But they did not offer any suggestions for improvement. I think they just wanted to find a way to complain about delicious food and free drinks. You just can't please some people.

After the party, we went up to Red Rock Casino Resort Spa. Most of us went to dance, but Jesse and Joel went to play poker. Either way, we were all pleased. Jesse and Lucy just had a luncheon for their Christmas party. I was not invited and I don't even know if there were any prizes given.

December 21 - December 28

Jesse bought tickets to bring his parents here for Christmas. Once again, we ate like kings, queens, and pigs -- but not as much as Thanksgiving. We had a great Christmas, where we all got what we wanted. I did have to work all five days of that week, but I came home to food, wine, & Phase 10. So I really could not complain.
And finally:
December 31

All I wanted to do to end 2007 was watch fireworks. I did not necessarily want to be among the 303,000 people on Las Vegas Boulevard, but it was really the best view. Also, I work close to the strip, so we had a good parking spot that did not require too much walking. There was only one point during the night when I thought there was serious possibility if being crushed. I don't mind tight spaces but I do mind people with strollers blocking pedestrian traffic. And I do mind people thinking they're the only ones who have somewhere to go. Those people are dumb.

Anyway, we did find a spacious spot to watch the fireworks and afterwards we went to a local bar for $2 quesadillas and $1 mini-cheeseburgers. We were out until about 2:30 in the morning. And I woke up in 2008 inspired by the promise of change.
There you have it. October to December, abridged. I have a birthday coming up on Thursday and after that, I am promising to write five times a week. I've decided I want to be a writer. And I'll only get better if I write all the time, so that's what I'm going to do.

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