26 January 2008

South Carolina Primary

It's a wish. It's a feeling. Now I think it's close to being a reality.

I was supposed to be in Phoenix today visiting my mother, who works for the NFL. However, the league's labor practices are not allowing her enough time to sleep, let alone have visitors. Instead I'm home, watching coverage of the South Carolina Primary. I didn't watch and of the Republican coverage because I was busy being awesome. Today I am addicted to South Carolina and excited about the outcome. And from what I'm seeing, I could be a fortune teller. My Obama - Edwards ticket is en route.

The Candidates:
Obama either will win or has won South Carolina. CNN, MSNBC, and Fox all had that the minute the polls closed. The real race (and the real excitement) tonight is for second place. John Edwards needs to be number two in South Carolina. He needs the delegates and he needs the attention. Edwards did come in second in Iowa. But he was whipped here in Nevada, with less than four percent of the vote. Winning second place would give the Edwards' Campaign a huge boost. At the same time, a third place finish would send Hillary Clinton into a downward spiral away from a return to the White House.

Clinton's been nasty anyway. She and her husband have been attacking the other candidates (yes, even John Edwards) as much as they have been promoting her experience. I think it's traditional politics and that Bill & Hillary can't get away from it. Unfortunately for them, John Edwards has made such a point to be polite. Obama tried, but he's thrown in plenty of tat for the Clintons' tit.

The Clintons will say Obama got the black vote, which he did. The black vote is not what interests me in this primary. It's the reaction to the votes for the black candidate. CNN had fantastic graphics showing results from the exit polls. Bill Schneider & Soledad O'Brien then explained them. Interesting. More interesting: the barely concealed surprise that white people did vote for the black candidate. As much as the analysts want to say Bill Clinton interjected race in the campaign, they now have to take some onus. Bill & Soledad were surprised, that in South Carolina, white people voted for a black man. I guess it proves some of the racial progress touted every third Monday in January is real.

The Coverage:
I've been bouncing from channel to channel and I have to say CNN has the best coverage, but MSNBC is a very close second. I feel like Fox News is treating today like any other day, and thereby belittling the importance of the primary. Aside from graphics and overall preparation, CNN & MSNBC are doing a great job of looking at the issues being represented by exit polls. CNN has the biggest political team I've ever seen. And somehow they all have something different to say. Fascinating.

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