09 October 2007

The Story of The Best Boyfriend Ever

October 5, 2o07

In September, Jesse suggested a weekend trip to Los Angeles. He said he wanted to play in a poker tournament there and I had nothing going on in Vegas, so we went. We left after work on Friday and Jesse drove the whole four hours. When we got to the hotel, I stayed in the car while he checked in and I was excited. It was the the most impromptu trip we'd ever taken. We really had nothing planned and that made me a little giggly.

After we checked in, Jesse parked and we went up to the room. There was nothing remarkable about it, but it wasn't horrible either. It was after 11 at night and Jesse suggested we walk around the hotel. I said 'okay' and just followed like a sheep. We got into the elevator and Jesse hit 2 instead of 1. He corrected it, but then got off the elevator at 2. Dummy. Although this dummy was still following.

Then Jesse walked up to a room and started pounding on the door. I asked what he was doing but he didn't say anything. I walked off to the side because some people will shoot strangers outside their door. I wanted to at least be able to identify the shooter. The door opened, but nobody said anything. Jesse stood in the doorway, and the door was open, but he didn't go inside. But there were no gunshots either, so I peeked. And there was my mommy!

She and Vicki were in Los Angeles for a church conference. My mother and Jesse had plotted to surprise me. I was very impressed. I always tease my mother about not being able to keep a secret. I know Jesse can keep a secret, but he didn't let onto anything. I was really surprised. I think my mother was more thrilled that she kept a secret than at actually seeing me.

We hung out all day on Saturday and it was really nice. Jesse and I even got to play some poker while they did their church stuff. They had some sort of marathon 6 hour thing on Sunday, so we left in the morning and stopped at another casino on the way back home. If you've ever played in Vegas, and get the chance to play in California, here's a note: you're not crazy. They are.

I drove back home smiling to myself. You would too, if you had the best boyfriend ever.