05 September 2007

Labor Day Pot Luck

September 2, 2007
North Las Vegas

There are not-so-rare occasions when I am homesick. But instead of missing a place or a person, I miss a feeling. Most often, I miss feeling like it's "okay" to sit and hang out without a reason. It seems to me everything here is an event. By the time I take an idea, decide who's going to take part, factor in where in town they live (& move the plans accordingly), I'm almost overwhelmed enough to cancel. Still, I need social interaction. So the show must go on. In August, Lizbeth and I decided to host a Labor Day Pot Luck. And I dare say it was a success.

We had it at Lizbeth's house and supplied the plates, napkins, etc. Jesse and I got there early because he wanted his sloppy joes to be fresh. We sat, talked, watched movies, and played Phase 10. We didn't have to dress up, wait in line, or tip anyone. The actual happenings are way less exciting than what was accomplished -- which was a relatively lazy afternoon.

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