10 September 2007

The Day The Camera Died

September 7, 2007
Las Vegas, NV

My friend Melissa who moved away in July, came back to visit in September for one night only. We rallied the girls, and went the Hard Rock. It's where we almost always went when Melissa lived in Las Vegas.

We crammed quite a bit into that one night. We went shopping, ate dinner, had some drinks, saw a celebrity or twp, and went dancing. That took us from 2pm to 1am, and I was exhausted. We went back to the Circle Bar and while we were deciding whether to eat or to go home, I dropped the camera.

It was tragic. We've had that little camera for more than two years. It was a present to Jesse (from Ryan) and it was part of the reason Jesse started his (now defunct) blog, which prompted me to start my (barely thriving) blog. Of course the camera had been dropped before, but this time I had dropped it on it's lens, and it got stuck between coming in and going out. I was devastated. I just kept shaking it and tapping it and saying "Jesse's going to be so mad." My darling friends encouraged me to lie to him about how it broke but I decided to tell the truth. I had enough guilt on my conscience.

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