27 July 2007

After The Vatican

July 7, 2007
Rome, Italy

We walked out of St. Peter's Square, bought some trinkets, and followed another crowd heading towards the Sistine Chapel. On the way, we decided to eat at a place on the corner. There was nothing extraordinary about it but I'm pretty sure it was the best pizza I ate in all of Italy. Of course that could have been because I was really hungry.

Our menu consisted of Coke, Fanta, bruschetta, pizza, and lasagna. It seems like a lot when it's written out. The service was quick, the food was delicious, the bill was not steep and there was soap in the restroom. I highly recommend it.

We were less than two blocks from the Sistine Chapel but we never made it inside. My only explanation is this sign. It clearly states the chapel closes at 1pm during the week we were there. Had we known that, we would have planned accordingly. Still, I think this was our only missed opportunity and I'm proud that there's only one. We planned ahead and didn't leave a lot of room for error. This one just happened. As a result we had a lot more free time in Rome and not a whole lot else to do. Fortunately we found the perfect way to pass the time.

We started shopping for souvenirs. We both had a list of ideal items we would have liked to have found. But the reality is that there are few souvenirs sold by hundreds of vendors. Unique gifts might be out there, but they're nowhere a tourist would be able to find.

Aside from shopping, we went back to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. I liked the fountain better in the daytime - because I could see just how many people were there. It was not a comforting sight, but at least I was aware.

We once again sat near the fountain - with some gelato. I found a place I had been to back in 2000. It was still there and the gelato was still fantastic. Even Jesse, who has a odd distaste for good foods, thought the gelato was phenomenal. That is a very high complement.

So we sat, we stood, we shopped, and we had seen all we could within reason. We had plenty of time to enjoy our last night in Rome.

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