20 September 2007

Adam & Amber's Visit

September 13, 2007
Las Vegas, NV

Of course once the camera was broken, we had a flurry of activities that would have made for good pictures. Jesse's old roommate Adam and his wife Amber came to visit. It was the first they had been out here to see us, and I can honestly say we gave them a unique tour of Las Vegas.

They arrived late on a Thursday, and that Friday we went out to a happy hour at Maggiano's. Afterwards we met up with Lucy, and went to Stoney's Rockin' Country. We had a good time, but the night ended dramatically when I started walking home in a huff. Long story short: Jesse was dancing with another girl and I did not appreciate it. I asked him not to (because I am NOT allowed to dance with other guys), and he refused. Another bar, another girl chasing him (although he had a firm grip on her this time), and I did not want to be a part of it. So I left. Lucy came to get me and the fun was over.

The next morning, I had my first flag football game of the season. I joined the media league on a whim. I was just walking by the guy handling the sign ups one day and it seemed like fun. The season went from mid-September to mid-November and we didn't win a single game. But we got nice jerseys out of the deal and I had a lot of fun.

After that first game in September, I went home and made breakfast for everyone. It must have been good, because we all went to sleep afterwards. We spent a lot of Saturday lounging and that night we went out to Dick's Last Resort for dinner, then walked along the strip.

We watched some football at Bill's Gambling Hall (boring), watched the fountain show at the Bellagio, visited the Conservatory, then went into Planet Hollywood. We watched a pianist there named Matt Newbold but the real show came from the audience. Pictures just don't do that woman in the red & black justice. But she's worth showing.

On Sunday, we went hiking at Mount Charleston. We went up to Mary Jane Falls, which - contrary to my expectations - had some water actually falling.

It was just a trickle but it was a lot more than I had expected. The trail was labeled "strenuous," and I think that was the perfect word to describe it. I thought I was going to keel over at several points. But eventually I did make it to the top.

That night, we went up to the Stratosphere to see the city, and down to Fremont Street to see the show. We also ate in the newly remodeled Binion's casino. Delicious.

After that, I had to go to bed because it was late. But Jesse took them out to see more of the strip. Adam & Amber left on Monday. We crammed a lot into that weekend. And I had a great time.

10 September 2007

The Day The Camera Died

September 7, 2007
Las Vegas, NV

My friend Melissa who moved away in July, came back to visit in September for one night only. We rallied the girls, and went the Hard Rock. It's where we almost always went when Melissa lived in Las Vegas.

We crammed quite a bit into that one night. We went shopping, ate dinner, had some drinks, saw a celebrity or twp, and went dancing. That took us from 2pm to 1am, and I was exhausted. We went back to the Circle Bar and while we were deciding whether to eat or to go home, I dropped the camera.

It was tragic. We've had that little camera for more than two years. It was a present to Jesse (from Ryan) and it was part of the reason Jesse started his (now defunct) blog, which prompted me to start my (barely thriving) blog. Of course the camera had been dropped before, but this time I had dropped it on it's lens, and it got stuck between coming in and going out. I was devastated. I just kept shaking it and tapping it and saying "Jesse's going to be so mad." My darling friends encouraged me to lie to him about how it broke but I decided to tell the truth. I had enough guilt on my conscience.

07 September 2007

The Drive Home

September 3, 2007
Henderson, NV

I am of the opinion the weather here is boring. But the scenery is pleasant. I took these pictures on the way home from Green Valley Ranch. We were there browsing in The District. I don't remember if these clouds brought anything by way of moisture. But they were pretty to watch on the drive home.

05 September 2007

Labor Day Pot Luck

September 2, 2007
North Las Vegas

There are not-so-rare occasions when I am homesick. But instead of missing a place or a person, I miss a feeling. Most often, I miss feeling like it's "okay" to sit and hang out without a reason. It seems to me everything here is an event. By the time I take an idea, decide who's going to take part, factor in where in town they live (& move the plans accordingly), I'm almost overwhelmed enough to cancel. Still, I need social interaction. So the show must go on. In August, Lizbeth and I decided to host a Labor Day Pot Luck. And I dare say it was a success.

We had it at Lizbeth's house and supplied the plates, napkins, etc. Jesse and I got there early because he wanted his sloppy joes to be fresh. We sat, talked, watched movies, and played Phase 10. We didn't have to dress up, wait in line, or tip anyone. The actual happenings are way less exciting than what was accomplished -- which was a relatively lazy afternoon.