03 August 2007

Since The Cruise | July 2007

Since the cruise, you might have noticed I've taken time away from writing. Part of it was because I've been thinking about ways to travel on a permanent basis. Part of it was not wanting to officially put the cruise behind me. And another part of it was being extremely busy with a lot of minutia.

So here what happened at th end of July 2007:
*pieced together from pictures, emails, and my calendar

July 11 - My friend Melissa moved to Texas for a new job. There was a big party for her while I was away, but there was another (smaller) gathering when I got back. Melissa and I started around the same time. We didn't start talking or hanging out for more than a year - talk about opportunities missed. We did make up for lost time though. Now she lives in Texas.

July 14 - We had dinner at Gilley's at the New Frontier Hotel & Casino. The following week, both were shut down forever. Gilley's had been our favorite country bar & eatery here. We (and thousands of others) really enjoyed it... but the hotel was sold and scheduled for demolition. A bunch of us went there for dinner and dancing. We had fun - but had to leave because this really aggressive woman (wearing a short skirt and no panties) was chasing Jesse. I would have won the fight, and probably would have been arrested. So we left. But we did have fun.

July 23 - We saw the Blue Man Group with our friend Lizbeth & her brother Abner. We didn't take any pictures but I liked the show and recommend you see it. Later in the week, Abner and I bonded on the beach at the Hard Rock. I promise to take pictures when he comes back.

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