25 August 2007

Back At The Wynn | August 2007

August 19, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada

Jesse is a travel agent. In August, he was offered two nights at Wynn Las Vegas. We graciously accepted. We checked on Sunday, August 19th. We checked in after dinner time because we had wasted the day away. We were given room 517 and here comes a few words for the wise: If ever you have the pleasure of staying at the Wynn -- and you opt for the king sized bed with the strip view -- you should also opt for any room higher than the fifth floor. As you can see, our view left much to be desired. I'm sure Steve Wynn would be appalled if he knew such a room existed. I might write him a letter.

Great view or not, it feels good to be at the Wynn. The rooms have everything a guest like me might want. As a special guest, Jesse got a little gift bag of trinkets. We stretched and I took a nap. I was working overnights that week. Jesse had his own nocturnal business at the Venetian. He was trying to get enough hours to play in a free roll. So while I napped, he clocked in at the poker table. I know. It was a pretty boring start to our fabulous time.

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