27 August 2007

Back At The Wynn 2 | August 2007

August 20, 2007
Las Vegas, NV

When I work overnights, I get out of work at 8:30 in the morning. On August 20th, I got to go from work, to a vacation at the Wynn. I saw Jesse briefly before he left for work and I set out to find something to eat. If I had known the ordeal it was to be, I would have brought a snack.

Jesse swears there was a coffee shop open. If there was, I was too tired to spot it. I walked the casino floor, looked into the buffet, and the read the menu outside the only open restaurant twice. I did not want to eat at the buffet. I actually just wanted some toast and hash browns. There was a restaurant open but nothing on the menu looked good. It was too fancy for my pallet. Back in the room, the room service menu had a wide variety of delicious foods. Each came with an 18% gratuity in addition to 7.75% sales tax and a $5 room service fee. If I ordered room service, I'd end up paying the same price as the buffet. I went back downstairs to the casino floor.

Eventually, I decided to indulge. I ordered a turkey burger and fries from room service. It came on a wheat bun with cheese and some strange sauce. My order also came with adorable condiments. I like all things cute. Things that are tiny versions of bigger things just tickle me. I hope they tickle you too.

After I ate, I watched TV and took a nap. The bed was so comfortable, I woke up refreshed just a few hours later. I had dinner with my friend Joel - which rarely happens anymore because he works nights and my workday is done 30 minutes after his starts.

Joel went back to work and I went to the pool. It was dusk, which is good for pictures, but bad for water temperatures. I had planned to bring a friend but it turns out all my friends work on Mondays. The pool was about to close anyway. I had to find something else to do.

I ended up going back to the room and flipping through the channels. Interesting note: the Wynn carries Al Jazeera. It's in the channel line up between local channels and CNN. Jesse came back from work and softball practice and went back out to play at the Venetian. I woke up just before midnight, took a fantastic Wynn shower and went to work.

Even though I didn't do anything exciting, it was refreshing to state at the Wynn. The beds are so comfortable and the showers are invigorating. Maybe it's the citrus soap - I honestly don't know. The stay would have only been better if I had gotten to spend more time with Jesse. But I'm not complaining.

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