26 July 2007

The Vatican | Grottoes

July 7, 2007
Vatican City, Italy

The popes are buried in the Vatican Grottoes. There we were allowed to take pictures of all the popes of which we had never heard. Pope John Paul II, however, still has a guard. We could have laid flowers or a card, but all I really wanted was a picture. We did see remnants of the old caskets that held popes. I assume, since the casket pieces were bolted to the wall that those popes had decomposed. But I suppose they could be off somewhere being studied.

There's only one way out of the Grottoes, and it leads right out of the Vatican. A lot of people who go out aren't prepared for that. And while I can't say I was ready to go - I had had my fill. We were among the lucky ones. The Swiss Guards were unrelenting and several people outside of the gates tried to argue their way back inside. On the other hand Jesse and I were off to lunch.

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