24 July 2007

The Vatican | Getting There

July 7, 2007
Rome, Italy

Another day, another chance to explore. I woke up refreshed and ready - and not in the least bit tired of traveling. We had been on vacation for nine days, and we both wanted more. Our itinerary was short: Vatican & Sistine Chapel. We wanted to take it easy because it was our last day before we began heading back to the states. The day turned out to be even easier than we anticipated.

Technically, our first stop was breakfast, where I ran into an old favorite: peach jelly. My first rendezvous with peach jelly happened when I studied abroad in Spain. Peach Jelly is the absolute best jelly for toast. I don't think I've ever seen it in the states. Americans, it seems, do not associate peaches with top-of-the-morning taste-bud pleasure. Anyway peach had a new friend: cherry. Before we left the hotel I would put some in my purse to bring back to Las Vegas.

The lady at the front desk recommended we take the bus to the Vatican. Jesse insisted we take the train. I didn't think it mattered either way, so we took the train, got out, and followed the crowd.

But before we got off the train (before we got on really) we saw this ad for the Gay Village. I'm not sure what it is, buy we got a kick out of the gay bears. I suspect its a television show, but I can't be sure. As far as I'm concerned, it's just cute... and gay.

It was pretty easy to find the Vatican from the train station. We were among hundreds of people sidestepping beggars and peddlers en route to a place just beyond our sight. The Vatican is surrounded by a giant wall. Instead of being solid, it's a group of giant pillars. They were the first indication of how small we would feel at the Vatican.

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