01 July 2007

The Trip To Rome

June 28, 2007
, New Jersey

As soon as we got of the plane in Newark, I felt and almost tasted the humidity. And you know what? I did not mind it. In fact, I actually kind of liked it. So take that desert!

We had about 2 hours before our flight to Brussels, so we decided to eat. No. We had not burned any of the calories we had already eaten.

We just decided to eat again. We had pizza from Pizzeria Uno. I ate a cheese – tomato – pesto mixture. It was delicious. Jesse stayed true to his roots and ordered pepperoni.

We boarded on time (hooray) then sat on the runway for an hour (boo). In that time, I used up a lot of my activities. I took pictures, played some Sudoku, and attempted some cryptograms. I have to admit I cheated on most. By the time we actually took off, I was bored.

Thankfully, there was television on the headrest in front of me. I watched a movie and Jesse slept. The flight was smooth and the only disturbance was the family a few rows up. But I expected problems from them from the get. As we were boarding, I saw four kids and a dozen doughnuts. A better recipe for a screaming child has never been concocted.

Eventually we were fed, I went to sleep and Jesse watched a movie. The screaming child apparently got so loud overnight; people woke up and got out of their seats to see what was happening. I vaguely remember that. Then I went back to sleep. I woke up only to be fed again. And of course I ate, even though I was not hungry. I’m paying for it now though, and I’ll be paying for it double when I get back home and to the gym.

June 29, 2007
Brussels, Belgium

Anyway, despite the delays, and the screaming kids, and the overeating, we made it to Brussels, and officially into Europe. There, we had more issues. The international airport in Brussels is huge. And apparently a video Jesse watched on the plane told him we needed to be in Terminal C. However, we saw no way to get to this Terminal C. I actually never even saw a sign for this supposed terminal. Finally, I asked. And we were directed to Terminal A, but not to a gate. The gates in Brussels are not listed until 30 minutes before the flight. I personally think that’s cutting it a little close but those are the rules.

While waiting at the airport, Jesse wanted to eat just because he could. I sampled his food (which was delicious) but had enough restraint not to get some of my own. I did get the cutest bottle of soda ever invented. Hopefully the little guy will make it home with all of his juices intact.

And then it was time go board. I have no notes on the flight from Brussels to Rome. As soon as I sat down, I fell asleep. I woke up to take the food (but I did *not eat it) then I fell asleep again until we touched the ground. Approximately 27 hours after we left Las Vegas, we were in Rome.

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