30 July 2007

The Trip Home

July 9, 2007
Milan, Italy to Las Vegas, NV

The only thing remarkable about the last day of our trip was the fact that it seriously took an entire day. We went to the airport on an early shuttle and ended up with just enough time to go through security, get to the terminal, and be bussed to the airplane. I was sick and my nose was leaking profusely. I tried to keep it to myself (and let people see me pour on the hand sanitizer) but I'm sure I was the object of many a head shake.

When we arrived in Newark, we had to go through customs. That means we had to get our luggage, have our passports stamped, recheck the bags, go through security, and find our terminal. We had more than 2 hours to accomplish that - so we figured we'd get something to eat as well. Unfortunately one of our luggage handlers had a medical emergency on the tarmac.

Honestly I can't tell you if it was a he or a she, or is s|he fell or a had a heart attack. I can tell you removing that person delayed the luggage by 90 minutes. We had our big suitcase. We were just missing one duffel with all the souvenirs. Yes, it came and yes, that was the longest wait. But it was not the only wait.

Customs was smooth, but did not move quickly. And the line to recheck luggage was down two hallways. We were still 45 minutes from our flight, and therefore did not qualify for the 30 minute or less fast-track. When we finally got the next set of luggage screeners, the sight was disconcerting to say the least.

We were told to leave our bags just anywhere on the side. We had no time to argue. Jesse maintained his cool - until he realized we had to go through security again. Then came the "I hate Newark" rant that comes from anyone who has ever had the EWR experience. But as you can guess, it all worked out. We found our terminal, grabbed something to eat, and boarding began just as we were were finishing our food.

And thus concluded Cruise 2007.

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