10 July 2007

The Second Day At Sea

July 4, 2007
A Day at Sea

Jesse woke up raring to go at 7:30, after having slept for the better part of 14 hours. He agreed to wait for me until 8 to go to breakfast. And I assure you, getting there was not easy. I felt really sick. My throat was hurting and I was producing all sorts of colorful liquids from my nose and chest. Still, I’ve grown a bit addicted to those hash browns and turkey sausage in the morning. So off to breakfast I went.

After breakfast, there wasn’t really anything to do. Scratch that. There was plenty to do, but nothing that I wanted to do more than go back to sleep. So that’s what we did. Ate and slept until noon – when it was time for the poolside bar-be-que. I know, this life takes a toll on you.

After we ate the second time, we sat by the pool. From there, we had front row seats to a hoola-hooping contest and the Mr. Legend of the Seas competition. Neither one of us participated, which was definitely for the better. I’m not sure we stood a chance with the caliber of desperate Americans wanting attention. It's really interesting to watch Americans. Twenty people were asked where they were from. The answers ranged from Norway to Peru to Venezuela. But never the United States. The Americans all said their states, as if the entire world knows New Jersey or Texas.

At 3:15, we went to a basic Italian class, which turned out to be a little too basic to hold our attention. We left and went back to the pool. Now I’m not one to work on my tan, but it’s nice to sit poolside and with a view of a very large body of water. At one point, the sea was 10,000 feet deep. And there I was on top of it all, drinking a margarita. Indeed, the view from where I was sitting was grand.

We sat poolside until Jesse was set to “tomato.” Then we stopped at the Solarium to get a cheeseburger and then got ready for dinner. I told you we ate a lot. We spent the next 2 hours lounging and then it was dinner time. This particular dinner was on a formal night and was therefore very popular. It took us two hours to be served three courses and coffee. We were then invited to a buffet! We at least had enough sense to skip it. We wandered the ship for a while but decided it best to rest up for Naples. And let me tell you, that was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

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