23 July 2007

Rome | Trevi Fountain

July 6, 2007
Rome, Italy

Our final planned stop of the night was the Trevi Fountain. In order to get there, we had to pass by a few interesting sites, including the Pantheon at night and a McDonald's with an outdoor patio.

We also saw a man who literally makes his living out of sitting around. He covers himself and his clothes in a metallic paint and finds places to sit. I guess I don't know if he makes a living out of it, but it would certainly not be worth the hassle otherwise. Jesse didn't like this man, or any of his painted friends. I didn't mind them. Still, seeing them move was bizarre.

Eventually we made it to the Trevi Fountain. We and a few hundred of our closest friends banded together against peddlers of useless wares. We tried to be patient and I tried to turn them away kindly. Jesse chose to leave all the kindness to me. His idea of patience was to not hit them. I appreciated his restraint. The peddlers did not know how good they had it.

We threw our coins into the fountain (as required by tradition) and probably paid $5 to make sure we returned to Rome. We sat as long as we could, but it was difficult to watch people and our possessions at the same time. In fact, throughout the entire trip, my guard was the highest while we were at that fountain. Thankfully we left, and safety returned at in the Spanish Steps.

We didn't spend too much time there. There weren't any outlandish characters there for us to watch. We mostly tried to figure out how to get back to the hotel. The trains had stopped and we figured we were too far for an affordable taxi. The adventures of the day were finally starting to catch up with me and one of my legs was starting to cramp. So we walked back to the Colosseum for inspiration - which was wise.

On that night, the Colosseum was lit for some sort of event. I don't know what it was, but we were lucky to find it. The pictures came out pretty well, If I must say so myself.

From there we took a cab back to the Hotel Saint Paul. Our day had come to a close. After waking up on a boat, taking two trains, touring ancient Rome, and taking 237 pictures, we were exhausted. Thank goodness we took that nap.

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