28 July 2007

Our Last Night In Rome

July 7, 2007
Rome Italy

In one day (which was really 2), we saw the sites, at the food, and bought the goods. On our last night in Rome, Jesse and I bought a bottle of wine (and an opener) and sat on the Spanish Steps. As I'm sure I've mentioned, the best part about sitting on the Spanish Steps is watching the people. Some don't know they're being watched, but I'm sure others go there just for the attention.

I call this man Xerxes. There are more similarities than not. He strutted up and down the steps, granted every photo request, and (as you can see) was fully able to strike a pose. I took a few pictures of him. He entertained us for about an hour.

Otherwise, we sat and drank our wine out of the bottle. I didn't think we were on anyone's radar until two kids offered us cups. After we emptied the bottle, I knocked it over. So their timing was perfect.

After we drank, we ate. We picked Trattoria Otello all Concordia based on a recommendation from Frommer's. It was an excellent choice and we had a lovely time. We wrapped up Rome with a walk back to the Colosseum, and a tax ride back to our hotel.

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