14 July 2007

Naples | Pizza

July 5, 2007
Naples, Italy

When last we met, we were leaving Pompeii on a train to Naples. We were not hungry, but getting there and we still had a 30 minute ride plus however long it took to find somewhere to eat. I know Naples is bursting at the seams with restaurants but we were very specific. We needed a pizzeria. A pizzeria is not a cafe. It is not a restaurant. A pizzeria is a place that specializes in pizza. Naples is the birthplace of pizza and there are pizzerias there that have been in business for more than 100 years. We were only going to have one shot at this, and we had to get it right.

We arrived back at the main train station and, upon realizing how close we were to the ship, decided to walk. We followed the signs in the train station carefully, and still managed to get out onto the wrong street. We found a way leading to the way we wanted to go. However, instead of taking it, I led us another way. My guidance took us significantly longer than planned and along streets that were not pedestrian friendly. Yes I had the famed-map. I saw exactly where we were heading and where we were not heading. I just took us the wrong way.

But we arrived. We were back by the boat in an area full of places to eat. We were stopped by the clock. Italian eateries close from 4pm until whenever they feel like opening. We were famished at 4:45. In other words, we were doomed. We saw lots of places with tables and people eating. But as we approached, we heard "E chiuso" or "It's closed." Jesse was ready to give up but I talked him out of it. Surely one of these places with their lights on and umbrellas open was up for whipping up two pizzas. Surely not! It was my turn to give up and Jesse's turn to insist we persevere. And you know what? On the way back to the ship, we happened upon the Rosso Pomodoro.

Hope was restored. Pizza was served. I ordered the Pizza Margherita, because it's the simplest and most classic. Jesse ordered the Vesuviano, which had sausage stuffed on the inside. He was not too impressed. I devoured mine. It wasn't the best, but it was indeed mighty tasty. We also drank some wine, because it's an Italian thing to do. Or at least that was my excuse.

We had a very fulfilling day in Naples. Old Christian churches, the ruins of Pompeii, and pizza from its birthplace. I'd say we "done good."

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