12 July 2007

Naples | Off to Pompeii

July 5, 2007
Naples, Italy

We were impressed with the catacombs, but we still had a lot of ground to cover. Once we left, we decided to take a bus to a train station and head to Pompeii. For your information, one cannot pay to ride an Italian city bus while actually on the bus. Tickets can be bought at convenience stores, however there were none on our way from the catacombs heading south.

We searched our map and found the nearest train station at a museum. It was a little less than halfway back from the way we came. I liked the walk back more than the walk up. I felt like I had more time to look around and take in Naples. I never realized how big it is. Naples is the 3rd largest city in Italy. Yet I didn't feel like I was among thousands of other tourists. That's probably because we were so far north. Still, I enjoyed it.

And then I saw this on a pole. I don't know who that other "dt" is, but this "dt" liked seeing her initials on a pole with a happy face. I hope it was a good concert.

It's very easy to get around Naples. Our map showed each train line and the maps in the train station were also very detailed as far as listing the stops in order. It helped us make sure we were heading in the right direction. Plus, there were train attendants. We really had no reason for getting lost. And thankfully, we didn't.

So we got on a train at a city museum and took it to a main hub. I would describe it as the Port Authority, because I'm from the Northeast. It was a place for city trains and city buses, as well as trains heading to the outer edges of the city. For 9,50 euros we were on our way to Pompeii.

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