07 July 2007

Food, Food, & Drinks

July 2, 2007
Mediterranean Sea

Back on the boat, I met up with Jesse. He enjoyed his seminar and had since enjoyed the pool and the bar. We lounged for not too long and before we knew it, it was dinner time. Our dinner mates were also from Northern Ireland. There were two couples and the man we had met earlier was actually their travel agent. Small boat huh?

I hardly took any pictures in the dining hall, but I assure you it was lovely. We were seated at a table for ten. Well, let me back up.

Jesse and I were assigned to different tables. On the first night, we asked to be seated together and ended up being moved to a different time slot entirely. That’s when we got the table for ten.

On the first night, there were four couples. The two Irish couples, us, and an Italian couple. The Italians did not speak any English. Or waiter (Dindo from the Philippines) spoke no Italian. He tried to ease the situation by giving the Italians a menu in Spanish. I guess I should say he tried to ease the situation by dousing the fire with lighter fluid. The Italians were not happy. Eventually Dindo did come through with an Italian menu, but the damage had been done and the Italians avoided dinner for the next few nights.

On day two we skipped dinner. So it was just the two Irish couples and a couple of Canadian newlyweds.

On this night (right after Santorini), it was Jesse and I and the two Irish couples. The dinner menu was different every night, and on this night, Jesse had the lamb shanks. Apparently they were fantastic. Another guy at our table had them as well and raved about them for the rest of the week.

At the end of dinner each night, Dindo would tell us what was coming up that night and the next morning. After this dinner, we were invited to an ice sculpting show and a buffet. It’s like I always say: nothing like washing down your dinner with another meal. We missed the ice sculpting but made it in plenty of time for the food. There was a fabulous demonstration of how to make Paella Valencia for more than 100 people. Just follow these instructions.

It was quite a show. Jesse tried some and even though he did not get any shrimp, he said it was delicious. I had a bite and I agree. But we just could not fit any more in our bellies.

The Dessert Table

At the end of the buffet line, there was a desert table. An apparent dessert chef thought he would be the official server. His plan was obviously to serve the foods in an orderly fashion. But it just wasn’t that kind of party. By all appearances, the desert table was just a continuation of the buffet line and people started helping themselves.

The dessert chef started losing his marbles. He was trying to be polite, and serve, while trying to direct people to the line in different languages. But the droves were just too overwhelming. I would not suggest trying to direct a group of people eying whatever it was he was dishing out. His next step was to remove the serving spoons. But people started reaching with their hands. That just made the dessert chef stammer in anger. I loved every second of it.

We toured the ship, drinks in hand. And we ended up finding a bit of a dance party on deck 11. Long story a little shorter: we were out until 5am. We docked in Athens at 7.

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  1. You two whippersnappers sure know how to live it up! Danie, I just love your account of the big adventure, Ben & I always wish we took the time to write down our travel tales. The dessert table looks YUMMY!!! Your photos are all wonderful and you look very pretty. Jessica in Cincinnati