04 July 2007

The First Day At Sea

July 1, 2007
Mediterranean Sea

Our first full day on board was actually a day at sea. Jesse had a seminar at 8am and I had promised myself I would be up early to see us pass through the Straight of Messina. I did wake up to see him off, but my body was not as ambitious as my mind. I’m pretty sure this is a picture of Sicily from our cabin window. I’m not too sure because I fell asleep for about three more hours after this picture was taken.

By the time I got up, Jesse was back. He and I then went to the pool just to check out that scene. We sat there for a while, butts on the edge and feet in the water. Not too much later, a ship employee came up to us and said “I need you to get out of the pool. We have to drain the pool.” Perhaps it was our looks that told him we did not understand. Perhaps we asked. I’m not sure. He did, however, go on to say “I have vomit in the pool. We need to drain the pool.” There was no need to tell us twice. We left the pool and went to the solarium.

The solarium is just like the pool. Except it is inside and no kids are allowed. Also, there’s a stand with burgers, fries, and pizza just about all day. There, I sat and Jesse drank. But the solarium just isn’t as much fun as the pool. We weren’t there for too long before we decided to go back up to the room. On the way, I checked the progress of the pool. It was still being scrubbed.

Jesse took another nap, I know. He’s not as exciting as he would have you think he is. We had already decided to skip dinner, but I did not realize that meant going to bed before the sun went down.

Silly me. I walked around the boat and took more pictures. But eventually, I got bored, I suppose I could have drank alone and hoped to meet people. But that seemed more lonely and desperate than fun. So I watched the sunset from our room while Jesse snored. After that, I tidied up and went to bed. We were due in Greece by the morning.

Naps do not last forever. Jesse woke up around 2:30 in the morning. He wanted to talk and share his feelings. I wanted to go back to sleep, He went out in search of food and orange juice. He returned with some very delicious lemonade. Despite being asleep, I was very impressed. Jesse though was still hungry. He ordered a snack from room service… and a back up snack in case he didn’t like the first one.

In the end, he received a turkey sandwich (delicious), two personal pizzas (because he thought he was ordering slices), and two glasses of orange juice. I did not muster up the energy to drink my juice, but I’m sure it was great. After that, Jesse lounged and eventually went to bed. Like I said, we were due in Greece in the morning.

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