29 July 2007

A Day On The Road

July 8, 2007
Italian Countryside

Our flight back the states left from Milan. Neither of us had any desire to see Milan, so we decided to take a train that Sunday afternoon. We sat in the technologically advanced first class cabin, with adjustable seats and electrical outlets. I started looking through the pictures we had taken. Jesse started listening to his i pod and dozing. Rome started melting away. In place of monuments and tourists, there were mountains and trees. I'm glad we saw that part of the country. It as if Rome was leaving us, instead of the other way around.

Milan is not Rome. The people are not as friendly. The train stations are not as clean. The map we bought seemed to be useless. Milan is not Rome.

Here's the rundown: We got out of the technologically advanced first class cabin in Milan. I then had to pay to use a very dirty bathroom, where no one stood in line people were dashing into open stalls. We then paid for a map that didn't show the neighborhood surrounding our hotel. We took city trains to an express terminal, where we took another train to the airport. At the airport, we found a free shuttle to our hotel. I think we spent 8 hours getting from One hotel to the other. We were exhausted.

Our hotel was fantastic. There was a flat rate for Internet and after some finagling, we had power to the computer. Actually we had had power the entire time via an adapter. But it didn't have a slot for the third prong and we didn't think it would worked. We were wrong.

We had dinner in the hotel restaurant and from what I remember, it was delicious. While it wasn't the most eventful way to spend our last day in Italy, we were exhausted. And we went to bed.

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