02 April 2007

UNLV vs Oregon

March 23, 2007

I'm not what anyone would call a basketball fan. I've just never liked it. But I am a team player. So when the UNLV Rebels made it to the NCAA Playoffs, I really did wish them success. When Mayor Goodman proclaimed March 23rd as "Rebel Red" Day, I participated by wearing red. I even went to The Sporting House Bar & Grill to watch the game.

If you at all care, you know the Rebels lost. After the game, a lot of people went home. But some of us had expected a win, and therefore were ready to party. Plus, the bar had dueling pianos. Fun? Yes! We hung out listening to them for a few hours, then went to the Hard Rock.

I know there was a time when I was frequenting the Hard Rock every other weekend. I never got sick of it, I just stopped going. And when I went back, it was like putting on your favorite summer capris. You don't realize you miss them until you put them on again. I invited Jesse and Lucy to come but they were apparently not in the mood for fun.

Meanhile it took no time at all for me to slip into the Hard Rock Routine. We made friends and had some drinks. I will not bore you with details or names but the party went until about 5:30 in the morning. When one friend's roommate kicked us out of their hot tub. It was kind of a downer. But I had fun. I also posted more pictures.

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