01 April 2007

Uncle Ben Came Back To Town

Las Vegas March 16th, 2007

Jesse & Lucy's Uncle Ben was here way back in March. He's what we call a "muckity muck" at Harley Davidson and he was here for Officer Training. They say there's at least some work involved but Lucy and I went to the wrap party and I assure you those bikers did not look too stressed. They must not have been worked that hard.

Here's a picture of us at the party. That's Ricky on the left and Lucy and I in the middle. The hairy hippie-looking fella is Uncle Ben. Excuse the hair. He's hiding from the law. That bike behind is also noteworthy. But I forgot what it is. Still, you should pay some attention to it.


  1. I don't see a motorcycle. Are you sure it wasn't all just an "Easy Rider" dream/nightmare?

  2. it seems i forgot to add the actual picture. i'll do that when i get home this afternoon.

  3. It's called a Softail (the bike).