06 April 2007

Lizbeth & The Lefse

This is my friend Lizbeth. She's from Texas, but lives here now. She came over one day before I went to visit my family and while she was here, Jesse (who was at work at the time) electronically insisted I give Lizbeth some Lefse. If you don't know what it ism you'd better click. We had quite the stash thanks to Ryan.

Jesse prepares his Lefse with great care and attention to detail. By "detail" I mean an even coating of both butter and sugar. Lefse, I should note, is not considered a health food.

As many times as I've eaten it, I had never actually made one on my own. But I made one for Lizbeth (and one for myself) and I must say it came out very well.

So I gave my Lefse creation to Lizbeth and let her try it. And what ensued can only be described as hilarity. She bit into it, then chewed (not so hilarious) then continued to bite and chew with the most confused look on her face. She kept asking "What am I eating? Like what is this?" She said she felt like she was eating a cold tortilla with cold butter and sugar on it. Which I guess is kind of correct, except tortillas are made from corn or flour, and Lefse is made from potatoes. But other than that.

So that was the episode of Lizbeth and the Lefse. Maybe you really just had to be there for it. But I took pictures, so why not share?

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