03 April 2007

Just Call Us Lewis & Clark | Mt Charleston

March 25, 2007
I have lived in Las Vegas for a year and eight months. Jesse has been here for a year and six and last month we did something for the very first time. We ventured out into the elements.

When I moved here, I complained about the lack of seasons, greenery, and winter. Everyone told me the same thing. "Head to the mountain." And I did, one year and eight months later.

Jesse and I drove up to Mt. Charleston one Sunday afternoon. In about a half hour we were on steep terrain with trees, hills, and even some snow. It smelled clean, and not at all dusty like Las Vegas. We both decided we could live there in one of those fancy log cabins that looks simple but costs millions of dollars.

But the trouble on the mountain is that there are no gas stations. I can't imagine having to drive 20 or 30 minutes after filling up just to get home. We only had half a tank when we went up there. When we found out the nearest gas station was about 30 miles downhill, we left. We probably could have stayed because I used no gas at all coming back down. But it is better to be safe than sorry. And we can go back whenever we want.

So we still have much more exploring to do up there. We're going to hike the mountain (at least bits and pieces of it) and we're going to camp, as soon as we figure out how to do so without having an open fire. We also heard there are waterfalls up there. Jesse looked up some pictures and they were pretty disappointing. Still, the promise of water is enough to keep us coming back. It really is beautiful up there.

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