04 April 2007

Just Call Us Lewis & Clark | Red Rock Canyon

March 25, 2007

After we coasted down the mountain and got some gas, we found that we were still in the mood to see the natural side of Las Vegas. So we went to Red Rock Canyon to drive the scenic loop. That was also a really quick trip and very surprising. I mean we knew Red Rock was there, but it was amazing to see just how close it was and how vast.

It costs $5 to drive the loop. You can also bike it, and I plan to do just that. As we were driving, we saw people had stopped on the side of the road and we decided not to do that. Then Jesse saw people climbing the rocks and our adventure began. We grabbed the camera and a water bottle and we were on our way.

Jesse picked a rock that seemed pretty impossible to get to, especially since neither of us was really dressed to be that active. But we made it. And there weren't any close calls either. Once we got to the top of our rock, we took some more pictures and decided to start hiking every month. There are so many different directions to go up there and so many trails. We're likely to never get bored. And it's good exercise.

We walked down and resumed our drive. We only got out one other time to see the view from the highest point along the drive. We took plenty of pictures. Then Jesse noted some other areas he wants to climb. It was really nice and I am now really excited for the next few months. I think we're going to spend a lot more time outdoors, which is something I miss. I know it's going to be hot, but I promise to stay hydrated. And when you come to visit, we'll take you there as well.

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