05 April 2007

In Case You Missed It

I've already diagnosed myself with mild OCD, so don't worry about telling me I have it.

I went on vacation March 28 - April 3 and I am ready to blog about it. Hooray for you. But there were other things that happened before March 28 that I did not tell you about. Not because they were not interesting, but because I just did not have the time.

I found some of that time during my vacation, and I back-blogged. But instead of posting one item a day, I posted them all at once and in chronological order. You can the posts in any order that you like but here's a quick reference guide.

Haven't I been busy? Now that those posts are out of the way, I can start to tell you about my very fun and very relaxing time on the east coast. I have a pretty empty weekend coming up, so I hope to get to that soon.

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