24 April 2007

Day Two | Life With Derek

The next day my dad was off to visit my other little brother, who was about to have his birthday. But before that, the highlight of the day was the trip to Derek's apartment. He had been living in my mother & Vicki's basement in their old house. When they moved he decided to be a grown up too. He moved out. But was super lucky (spoiled) in that everything he needed for his apartment was donated (given) by my mother, Vicki, and Vicki's sisters. Convenient? Yes!

So Derek's apartment is fully furnished. He even has a 52" television, even though he doesn't have cable. He has everything... except food. Take a look into his freezer. My dad gave him that chicken and I'm assuming he bought that frosty on his own.

The fridge isn't much better off, or the cabinets for that matter. One might think Derek doesn't like food. But that's certainly not the case. He comes over to see my mother (and her fridge) everyday. Bless his little hungry heart.

Derek is doing well. He's working retail until his acting career takes off. He likes clothes, so I think it's a good place for him to be. The other thing about Derek: he and Dayana are 100% bff. She follows him everywhere and even tried to get him to beat me up. ("Get her Derek. Get her.") Adorable.

After the stop at Derek's, my dad was off. The rest of us did a little shopping for me, then went home to watch some TV. There was nothing really exciting to report, we just ate popcorn and went to bed.

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