10 April 2007

Day One | The Shower

A few hours after I arrived, it was already time to get up and shower. My mother and Vicki have a bathroom in thier bedroom. That means the main bathroom on the floor belongs to Dayana. Look at her. Does she look like the type of person that should be designing bathrooms?

Of course not! She's only 1. Sheesh. I hate to tell you that the adults designed her bathroom. Unfortunately it's not at all functional for other adults. For one thing, there's a duck wearing a biking covering the faucet. How do people shower? Trick question. Babies take baths. This rubber duck serves lots of functions. Aside from preventing adults from taking showers, she keeps Dayana from hitting her little baby head. And if you put soap in her head, bubbles come out. This duck is obviously the latest in practicality.

And what's a bath without the cookie monster? I think he's a towel holder. But if you pour water in his head, his eyes roll around all crazy-like. An absolute bath time essential. I just don't know why he looks like he should be at a dinner table.

So I asked my mother why she put fridge magnets in the tub. I mean I'm all for kids knowing the alphabet, but magnets do not belong in the tub. My mother agreed. These are not fridge magnets. Those are tub magnets. Apparently when you get them all wet, they stick to the walls like magnets. When they dry, they fall off the walls. But seriously. Look at all that stuff in one tub. There's a pasta strainer in there. I hope Dayana loves it. It was just too much for me.