15 April 2007

Day One | After The Spinal Tap

After the spinal tap, my mother was told to rest and drink caffeine. But the first thing on our minds was eating. We went to the Olive Garden to start the lunch rush. There's Dayana, behind a big salad bowl. She doesn't pass up a camera, or a camera phone for that matter. This picture makes me think she was up to no good. Doesn't she look sneaky?

Anyway, we ate. It was delicious. We went back home to rest, and fight over the remote. My dad likes to watch syndicated programs. If it was on three years ago, he'll watch it. He's the guy who watches the Law & Order marathon on USA and then switches over to TNT. My mother and I like cartoons (big into the Backyardigans these days) and my brother (it seems) just wants to be difficult. But we all wanted to Law & Order. But by the third episode, everyone but my dad had gone to bed.

Before that - funny story. We were all sitting around and my mom told Dayana to come get her diaper changed. Dayana got a pamper, brought it to my dad and said "I boo." My mom tried to take it and she said "No," gave the pamper to my dad, and took off her little pants. My dad said "if you're old enough to do all that, shouldn't you be using the potty?" She disagreed and my dad changed her diaper. I told you the kid was up to no good. ;)

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  1. Dayana is the just the sweetest little baby other than Danie and Derek. They were sweeties little babies themselves.

    mommy dearest