09 April 2007

Danie Visits The East

As I mentioned, I went back east at the end of March / beginning of April. I had quite a few reasons to go. My mom & Vicki just moved into their new house. Derek has his own apartment, and it was Abby's birthday. Plus, I got a really good flight deal.

So on March 28, I went. I left after work with a little less than 2 hours to get to my gate. At McCarran, once you check in, you go up an escalator, down the hall, then make a right and a left to get to security. But on the day I left, I got no further than the first hall. I never knew so many people used the C gate on Wednesday afternoons. The line was 5 people wide and I don't know how many people deep. I would have taken a picture if not for the very serious possibility of missing my flight. It took me more than an hour to get to the gate. Once I went to the bathroom, (because I do not do airplane bathrooms) it was time to board.

So I left Las Vegas. It was still daytime, so I took some pictures. As you can see, we were having some inclimate weather. Personally, I like clouds but a lot of people here don't. I planned to sleep on the plane but first I was enthralled by the scenery. Then we flew through some thunderstorms. I took pictures and video but they didn't come out.

I had never flown through a storm before. Usually planes are above the clouds, and for the most part we were. But some of the thickest, most lightning producing clouds were eye-level.
They looked like clouds, but like mountains at the same time. It was intense, with turbulence to match. It was not the droning, nap inducing flight I expected.

I arrived at 1 in the morning eastern time. My parents picked me up and my mom gave me the tour of the new house. But then it was bed time. We had a spinal tap in the morning.

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