20 March 2007

Life After The Detox

Theres not a whole lot going on with me these days. Lucy and I did hang out with some bikers this weekend. Ill tell you all about that when I get time, energy, and my computer at the same time.  That should be soon.

But Ive been eating. Its been fun. Im not doing much else. I resumed my sessions with my trainer after she gave me an awesome deal. Now I spend my days being sore and my nights hoping that tomorrow wont be as bad. She has me doing an hour of cardio six days a week, 30 minutes of abs 7 days a week, and a muscle group every other day. Shes way more dedicated to my health than I am. It sounds bad to say but I think its true. I would never push myself this hard. Of course I would not get these results either. You cant see me, but I’m on my way to being buff. And its only been 2 days!

Next week I’m going east to see my family and Abby and Tab. Im really excited. But I have a lot to do before then.

Im the Secretary for the Las Vegas Association of Black Journalists. I was just nominated and voted in last month. I joined because I felt like I was supposed to do so. But once I did, I found all types of stereotypical disorganization. I was going to quit. Instead I am a board member. We havent started focusing on ourselves yet. Theres a national conference coming here in August. We need to have a strong organized showing and make some money at the same time. So were working on that. But I think in September I’ll start taking a critical look at our function and what we promote.

But for now it is work and work out. I hardly see Jesse and Lucy. We dont even have time to watch TV together.  So aside from being sore, I’m lonely. Tis a boring, yet productive, life I lead.

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