02 March 2007

Detox: Day 5

Im going to eat tomorrow! Im quite excited. I was going to start with broccoli, but on my way to work this morning, I decided to go with oatmeal as my first meal. I like broccoli, but I love oatmeal. I also thought about eating right after midnight, but I dont want to not eat, and then go to sleep with a full belly. What kind of habit is that? So I’ll wait until Saturday morning. I have a meeting at 9, so itll be before then.

There are only four things I really want: Oatmeal, Crepes, hash browns with cheddar cheese, and a barbeque chicken breast. I should be able to check all of those things off before I head back to work on Tuesday. I took Monday off to hang out with Ryan. Hes visiting from Fargo. Im sure well eat together.

1 comment:

  1. congrats, i'm proud you made it the whole week. good luck with the re-entry process.