02 March 2007

Detox: Day 5 | Wrap

I think these last hours are the most difficult. It's Friday. I've been up since midnight. I drank my mixture, went to work, went to the gym, went shopping. And now I am ready to eat. To be quite technical, I ate my last just after the Oscars last weekend. So I should be able to eat exactly 5 days later, which would be around 10 tonight. But I'm holding out until midnight, just because I'm strict.

It's silly. I know I can do it. I've already done it. I feel good. I stopped being sluggish on Wednesday. I've been running at almost full steam ever since. I'm still cold. But that might actually be anemia. I haven't been able to give blood in months. That's another issue entirely.

As far as the detox, the other girl doing it with me (Crystal) and I were talking about how social food is. It's hard to explain but think about all the places and ocassions that call for eating. Think about cutting out all of those events and being all by yourself when you do it. It's kind of depressing. Lucy did the detox with me for a couple of days. Then she was about to pass out, so she had to eat. Crystal and I usually work the same hours, but as I was called in three times this week, we barely crossed paths.

I have grapes and veggies ready to go. I really just have to give myself permission. I'll think about it while I take my nap. When I wake up, I'll be that much closer to eating.

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