01 March 2007

Detox: Day 4

I feel today will be better than yesterday. Yesterday I drank all of my mixture at work and had only water for the rest of the day. That was dumb. Today I promise not to do that. Also, I was not freezing last night. I even woke up to turn the heat down. Whats that about?  Even Jesse asked me if I was cold. And I was not.

Anyway, judging by my mixture, day 4 is halfway over. Im in a great mood. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I certainly did not see it on Wednesday. I have not been going to the gym because I just have not had the energy. But I got a lot of sleep last night and I dont have anything to do after 8:30 this morning. So maybe I’ll go for a walk somewhere.

But I did wake up with a lump in my throat. Its not the lump one would have if one were sick. Instead, its like the lump one would have if one were really emotional and about to cry. I assure you I am not on the verge of tears, but my throat apparently thinks I am. That got me thinking about my immune system. Jesse has been sick three times this year. I was almost sick once but I was able to fight it off. I attribute it to working out and eating well. But now that I am not working out or eating, will I get sick? I hope not. Also, I had a moment of dizziness at my desk this morning. It only lasted for a few seconds and I felt fine afterward. And like I told Joel (who was up late gambling) if I feel like I am about to pass out, I will eat. I have food all around me. Joel even left me money to get a muffin out of the vending machine. Cute? Yes!

Today is Thursday. Healthy eating resumes with fruits and vegetables on Saturday. Technically, I have less than 48 hours.

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  1. PLEASE EAT SOMETHING! This is so silly! Love, peppermint pattie.