10 February 2007

Oh The Romance

In observation of Valentine's Day 2007, Jesse and I are playing in a couple's poker tournament. Believe me, I'm swooning on the inside.

The tournament is February 11th at Caesars Palace. I've never even heard of a couple's tournament. Lucy and Joel are also playing. And before you ask, I don't think Jesse and I are acknowledging Valentine's Day this year. I know he hates it and I'm okay without a display. I'm just glad to not argue about it, as we have in years past.

I'm going to try and send updates from the tournament to my blog from my cell phone. I'll have plenty of time to write, since we switch every 20 minutes. The updates were Jesse's idea, even though he didn't entertain the idea of sending them to his own blog. Maybe he's forgotten he has one?

He reads updates online at cardplayer.com and I know what he's expecting. And I assure you, he won't get it. A typical update from cardplayer includes chip counts, details on bets made, on the cards presented, and on the winning and losing hands. Unfortunately, my phone can only send 160 characters per message. Plus, I think I'd make myself crazy by trying to remember everything that happens in 20 minutes. But I'll be sure to let you know how much we bring home. :)

I'm kind of nervous. Even though Jesse and I both usually do well in tournaments, we play very differently. I'm not one to rely on others. I have trust issues. But during the tournament, his actions will affect my chips and mine will affect his. It's just a little added pressure.

Caesars is also starting Ladies Tournaments on Tuesdays. They fit perfectly into my schedule so maybe I'll play in those every once in a while. Let's just see how tomorrow goes.

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